Our engineers have provided engineering and related services for numerous transportation projects throughout Georgia.  These projects have ranged from pedestrian bridge to rail-to-trail studies, to total infrastructure rehabilitation.  All these projects have involved the need for innovative solutions, superior design, awareness of schedule and budget and extensive public relations work.  CBI transportation professionals have the expertise and experience to meet the demands of any transportation project.  We have assisted many clients to secure Federal and State funding and to plan, permit and implement their transportation projects.

As a full-service company, CBI approaches each design-build project with an experienced staff knowledgeable in planning, procurement, construction management, check-out and start-up functions. With CBI providing this single-source responsibility, clients benefit because projects require less internal staff, while the client maintains all control of scope, budget and schedule. With all members of the design-build team working as a single unit, construction can proceed simultaneously with design, which greatly reduces the project schedule. Our managers focus on coordinating the planning, design and construction management activities, while our subcontractors are able to concentrate on applying the specialized skills and specific knowledge of local conditions assigned in their scopes of work.

To meet project goals, our professionals concentrate on maintaining continuous and complete communications with the client and subcontractors throughout the project. Our reputation for superior communication skills and integrity allows clients to know that CBI will stand behind our commitments and quality of work. Our design-construction process and procedures were established to result in projects that are safe, constructible, functional and maintainable.

Our Engineering Teams
CBI has served private, corporate and municipal clients throughout the Southeast region of the United States of America. Our team approach to project management and execution ensures efficiencies and consistent high quality service.

Our staff has experience in several types of organizations and assignments.  Services in municipal engineering and planning fields include planning studies, environmental studies, conceptual and preliminary designs, final designs and construction management and observation.  Our team is versatile, confident and the driving force behind serving our clients effectively.

The staff has extensive experience in the conceptual design, plan and specification development and project management.
In today’s competitive and fast-paced marketplace, CBI realizes that many clients prefer a single-source for Civil, Environmental and Construction Management approach to capital projects.

At CBI, we allow projects to be streamlined and expedited.  This method can provide the project owner with cost and schedule savings without compromising the quality of the project.  Early interaction between the design professionals and the construction management team, working together with the owner, provides better coordination and control and can help minimize problems during the construction process.

CBI's attention by principals assures us that our clients’ needs are satisfied.

  Firm Commitments & Services
  Committed to Serving Needs and Priorities
  Timely and Economical Project Design
  Experienced Design Staff CAD
  Other Extensive Computer Capabilities
  In-House Engineering Survey Capability

Our staff has provided study and design services for numerous large private and public entities. Our flexibility and structure allows us to work effectively on small projects and also meet the demands of larger, long-term engagements. 

Project Management
Because CBI recognizes the impact permitting delays can have on a project, we relentlessly pursue the approval of permits.  CBI commonly utilizes permit expediting services and has a working relationship with our expediting service provider to offer our clients added value.  Our clients recognize that by permitting their projects faster; their projects are on-line quicker and costs are reduced. 

Planning Services
Project planning is critical to project success.  Site conditions invisible to the untrained eye can result in permitting delays, and construction cost overruns.  Utilizing experienced personnel is crucial to developing a plan that best suits clients’ needs.  CBI’s professionals consistently surpass the clients’ goals by providing designs that are flexible and take into consideration the future property needs.

Our integrated engineering and environmental services and the depth of knowledge and experience of our personnel allow clients to obtain all services through a single source – CBI.

Zoning/Variance Services
Understanding and interpreting zoning regulations has become a very complex task.  Determining the best use and most likely rezoning category is critical to the performance of a project. 

Surveying Services
Utilizing in-house surveyors, CBI can quickly respond to the clients’ needs.  CBI’s survey team knows what is needed to keep the project on schedule.